Travel Pack – Emma’s Day Nursery

Getting to The Nursery and Pre School

The Nursery at 46 West Way – BH93EB

We know that most people coming to the Nursery will be dropping children off by car. There is easy access to road-side parking around the Nursery and we encourage parents/ carers to drop children off from Brockenhurst Road, which is a quieter road and has plenty of space to park. The entrance to the Nursery is also on Brockenhurst Road.

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The Pre-School at the Annunciation Church Small Hall – BH89RW

There is easy parking in the church car park, directly off Charminster Road.  Please be mindful of other church users and avoid the reserved parking places.

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But there are other ways of getting to the Nursery!


We know how hard it can be to juggle all the things you need to do to get children to Nursery in the mornings. Getting in the car and dropping them there will usually seem the easiest thing to do. But in our annual parental travel survey, 30% of respondents advised they had walked to the Nursery during the year.  About 50% of our children live within one mile of the Nursery and so the opportunity to walk is often available.  We all know the health benefits of walking but also time spent with our children, walking, talking and learning on the way to Nursery can be so formative.

There are endless games to play on a walk. We love Pooh Bear’s game of jumping over any lines on the way or the excitement of counting as many red colour cars as you can see! I-spy is a classic, but have you tried the “animal game” – guess the animal in ten questions (you might need twenty!)?

By Bus:

If you live a bit further away, MoreBus operate two routes with stops near the Nursery.

Route 1:  M1 –

The M1 runs between Poole Bus station and Bournemouth hospital, via Parkstone, Westbourne, Bournemouth Square, Lansdowne, Bournemouth Railway station, Charminster, and Castlepoint.

The M1 stop is at the top of West Way, near the grammar schools and requires a 250 metre walk to the Nursery, down West Way. The Nursery is on the right-hand side on the corner of Brockenhurst Road and West Way. It also stops immediately outside the Annunciation Church for the Pre-School.

Route 2: 20 –

The 20 runs between Poole Bus Station and Castlepoint, via Lilliput, Penn Hill, Westbourne, Bournemouth Square, Meyrick Park, Charminster, Heron Court Road, St Walburga’s School, West Way and Castle Lane. The 20 route stops immediately outside the Nursery at 46 West Way.

Buses are a great time to sit and read with a child or play observation or counting games.


There is an internet-full of information about the benefits of active travel and bus travel. Below are four websites you might find interesting.